Jody's famous Montreal smoked meat, corned beef, and pastrami all come from the most tender cut of beef - the AAA brisket - and are cured in a signature, seasoned brine then slowly smoked to preserve their goodness and enhanced flavour.

Montreal Smoked Meat
By its name alone it's not hard to surmise that Montreal is not only famous for its beautiful women and a hockey team that Leaf fans love to hate - it's famous around the world for the artful way that they smoke their meat. AAs an apprentice Jody learned the mystical ways of smoking and prepearing brisket. Today, the old world masters are proud to create Jody's uniquely smoked and seasoned Montreal Smoked Meat.

Corned Beef
Surprisingly, there is no corn in Corned Beef. Corned is an ancient term meaning to salt with grains the size of corn kernels. Today Jody's Corned Beef is still cured in brine then cooked and spcied precisely to Jody's secret yet famous recipe. And finally, when you are ready for the best Corned Beef that you have ever sunk your teeth into, it's steamed to tender perfection and served hot.

According to old Romanian scrolls, the word pastrami comes from the Turkish word pastirma meaning "pressed meat". Others say it comes from the Yiddesh word pastrama - meaning "to preserve". Most agree that pastrami is cured in brine, coated with a mix of spices such as garlic, coriander, black pepper, paprika, cloves, all-spice and mustard seed, and then smoked. But they all agree that nobody's pastrami is tastier or more tender than Jody's.